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Changing rgb order on 1 ribbon in a group of 3 on e682


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Hi, I have a 12 ribbon tree, the 7th ribbon which is in a group of 3 on e682 is blue when the others are green. Normally I would change the rgb settings on webpage but it will change ribbon 8,9 being in same group. Is there anyway without changing sequence colors. Thanks

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I don't know if this is the best way or the only way but it is one way..........

go to each RGB channel on your sequence (strip 7) click it and change the channel order in the channels setting box. You will probable have to experiment a few times to get the order right.


example: instead of pixel #1-7th ribbon=U10C1,2,3, you would make it =U10,C2,3,1 - or whatever works.


Then I THINK, after your 7 ribbon is done, you can save/export that configuration and import it on your other sequences. (I say think cause I never tried that part but should work.)


((just read another post where someone did export/import and it worked fine.))

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