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I am going to add Video to my Window this year. Any ideas?


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So for Halloween I added a projection window.  Had some creepy people at the window looking in.  It was actually way easy to do, I just needed a see through cloth.


So, I want to do it for Christmas, does anyone have a good video I can use, loop?  Such as



Any thoughts, Ideas?  I plan on that santa roof top thing in the coming years... but not this year.


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AtmosFX.com has Xmas videos for that purpose.


I keep wanting to get one but so far every year I blow my budget on lights :) Need the projector. I run two for Halloween at work but have to leave them there for football. :(


Also I want to be able to turn it on/off as part of the show and the switch to do that is another $120 I believe. Would be awesome but pricey to put it all together. So I keep that channel free, run a snowflake projector on a wall wrap Xmas scene.


good luck

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