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Cost Effective Laptop for LARGE Pixel Display


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What's the most cost-effective laptop for a BIG pixel show (ie. 100+ universes)?  The computer would ONLY run my pixel shows so I basically would just need a fast processor & high end graphics card. 

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Start with skipping the laptop and go for a desktop.  For the money you get far more computer in a desktop than you do in a laptop, and you're not paying for stuff you don't need.  Also a desktop is far easier to upgrade or repair should that be needed.

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Marsh28 woot has a deal on a desktop today only, while supplies last if you are still looking.

Lenovo THINKCENTRE M53 Tiny Desktop, Intel J2900 Quad-Core 2.41GHz, 4GB DDR3, 500GB SATA, 802.11n, Win7Pro

​On woot site under computers they have a Buffalo Americas WI-U2-433DM AirStation AC433 Dual Band Wireless USB Adapter to upgrade the desktop to 801.11AC for 17.99


Shipping 5.00
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That ThinkCentre looks good.




My show PC is a multi-media PC that my dad had from somewhere. It has 4GB of ram, 2 terrace hard disk (I have so far used 40GB. I will never fill it up) and a dual core 2.5GHZ CPU. I use Windows 7. The whole PC is in a nice case with a display on the front which tells me what is going on.


It doesn't take a really good PC to run your show.


One advantage of a tower desktop is you can modify it and there are more USB ports. 


If you use E1.31 it is also good to have two network cards. Mine was on two networks so I could update sequences and change shows without being at the PC.

Also, a high end graphics card is not needed. A mid range one can run a show. The graphics card would only be used for using the PC. Running the show just needs the CPU.

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