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An Observation of the Sequence Editor


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OK, this one is kinda silly, I bet it isnt even a bug but here it is...

  • Open sequence editor
  • Select play range > Current View

  • Open animation window
  • play sequence

  • BEFORE the sequence stops on its own
  • click and hold the standard window X on the top

  • song will continue to play but the lights, if being controlled, will stop in the correct place. As long as you hold your click on that X, the song will play untill its over.

EDIT: this will do it also if you are playing the full thing, if you hold the X the editor will lose communication with the network (Blinking led) untill yoiu let up on your click

--Daniel L

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When you click and hold the X button the LOR program freezes (we have no control over that) However the Media Player ( a different program running ) continues to operate.

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