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Hanging lights along roofline, anyone use light clip strips?


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I strung my roofline with my C9 LED retro's but already planning my display for next year. 


I have two different types of clips that are currently being used by very laborious, and seeking a much quicker way to hang next year (especially because it may include 3 different colored strings).


Does anyone use the light clip strips that are left up year round and lights just "clip" on to these?  If so, how did you mount these to the roof flashing?

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I would suggest a variation of something that I'm doing. I have two rows of GE Color Effects lights on my eves. I have the clips for the lights screwed to 1x2 wood strips, and those are hung from the common brass cup hooks so commonly used for hanging lights on eves. I just built those this year and figure it will take less than 15 minutes to take them all down at the end of the season.

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 I have the clips for the lights screwed to 1x2 wood strips, 


I do something similar.  I use 'S' clips to mount the c9 sockets to 1x2s and then I use J channel on the back to hang from the gutters.  In 8' sections it took me 20 mins to put up 70' of eave lighting (and 95% of that was moving the extension ladder).  


After a big windstorm I am also now also using a 2" spring clamp on each section to make sure they can't be blown off.  I had one that was hanging by only one of its three J channel 'hooks'.  

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