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Pixel editor and channel config


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I had most of my sequencing done by the time the pixel editor was released and havent really spent much time with it. Was working on my announcement for this year and thought it would be perfect for that.


The way I have always done my sequencing is at the beginning of the year I define what props I am going to use for that year, add them into the sequence editor using random universes and channels. I don't try to pre-plan how I am going to put everything out in the yard. I then create my visualizer linking to what ever random channels I had used for that prop. Then this time of the year after I have everything hooked up out in the yard, I map all the props to there correct channels and create a channel export and import that channel config into all my sequences.


I don't take the time to re-map those channels to the visualizer.


Correct me if I am wrong, when I use the pixel editor it will only use the channels that were mapped in the preview.


So if I start a sequence in the sequence editor using my final channel config. Open that sequence in the pixel editor. It wants to know what preview to use and then when I save the sequence or export the intensity data, it is using the channels that were in that preview which is now out dated.

Is the only way I can use the pixel edit at this point is to remap all my props in the visualizer to match what is currently in the yard right now?


Hope this makes sense to someone.

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The channels defined in the Pixel Editor must match the hardware. You can accomplish this by creating props directly in the Pixel Editor's Preview Design window or by importing a Visualizer file.


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