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Ok let's try to fix this the easy way


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I need any Mini Tree, Mega Tree, Icicle or Arches sequences for any or all of the songs below. Also any 104 - 128 channel opening and/or closing sequences.




Thank you



Sleigh Ride

My icicles are just not right

I couldn't get Mega Tree motion to look good so it is dark most of the sequence

Bushes and Mini Trees are just off a bit, but when I move stuff it gets worse


Carol of the Bells:

I have a few seconds here and there where no matter what I did it is wrong

The Bells in the song I just can't seam to match with anything

Can't get icicles as much quality time as they deserve 


House on Christmas Street:

Just not happy with how the Mini Trees are organized, but as with the rest when I try to fix it gets worse.


Lights of Christmas:

I feel Mega Tree and Mini Trees need more time in the sequence


Mary's Boy Child

Just seems a bit loose if anyone could just tighten it up a bit


Where are you Christmas:

This is a must for more than one child, and it is the one I dropped the ball on the hardest it just isn't right


Winter Wonderland:

This is by far my best effort, but I just keep dropping the beat, I bet this would be an easy fix for the right person, but I have spent a lifetime trying to get it perfect I just don't have the skills to make it what it should be


Wizards in Winter:

Mostly good but I feel the Icicles need to be tightened a bit


Miracle on 34th St:

Just a few areas where no matter what I did it was ugly so I have a few area that are dark


A Mad Russians Christmas:

There has got to be an easy fix here it is just a bit off and the Mini Trees are disorganized.


Also if anyone has a good version of THX that would fit my setup I would very much appreciate it, apparently I have deleted my opening and closing sequences! 



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