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Pixel Editor changes in version 4.3.0


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Version 4.3.0 of the Light-O-Rama software suite was released as an open beta today. The announcement and download location are in this post:




It contains many important changes to the Pixel Editor. I know this is show season and many decorators stick to the version of software that is working for them, as they should. But if you like working with the latest and greatest, I think you will like version 4.3.0. 





Pixel Editor Enhancements in 4.3.0:
  • 3 new effects: LinesVertical, LinesHorizontal, and Twinkle. LinesVertical can be used to create marquee-style chase effects on roof-lines, arches, and frames. You can use the Twinkle effect for a very slow twinkle, or a very fast strobe, and everything in between.
  • You can now create new sequences directly using the File > New menu item. You no longer need to switch to the Sequence Editor to do this task. If your preview has props where the Sequence Method=Sequence Editor, the channels for those items will automatically be created in the LMS/LAS file and will be grouped by prop.
  • Prop groups have a new arrangement option of "nested". In particular, this allows nested stars to be grouped together and sequenced as a single item. Using this arrangement, the Bar effect with direction=up moves from the inside out. Bars left/right will move around all of the nested props.
  • As you move your cursor across the sequence grid, a marker is now displayed on the timeline/waveform.
  • In the Preview Info warnings box, all props are now checked for channel conflicts. Previously only props with Sequence Method=Pixel Editor were checked.
  • For the picture and text effects, a repeat parameter was added. Default is "on" to emulate previous functionality. Repeat=off causes just one scroll of the picture or text across the screen.
  • Changed the minimum number of props in a group from 2 to 1. This allows you to create a preview group (a prop group where the arrangement setting=preview) for a single frame or wreath, which can be useful for certain effects like fire.
  • When effect thumbnails are displayed, bulb size is now taken into account. This is especially helpful for RGB floods.
  • Better thumbnails are now generated for Curtain and Fireworks effects.
  • Prop and group definitions can now be viewed by right-clicking on a prop name in the sequence grid and then selecting "View Prop Definition" from the pop-up menu. It is no longer necessary to go into preview design just to check on the definition of a prop.
  • Icons are now displayed in the Effect Generator's favorites tree so that folders can be easily distinguished from effects
  • Organizing the Effect Generator's favorites tree is now accomplished by right-clicking on any item in the tree. New actions have been added that allow items to be moved up or down, copied, exported to a file, or imported. There is also now a help icon in the favorites area - clicking on it provides detailed instructions on how to use and manage effect favorites.
  • In Preview Design, the prop list no longer scrolls if you modify a prop (as long as the prop name is unchanged).
  • Columns for Sequence Method and Dimming Curve have been added to the Preview Info grid.
  • When switching to manual brightness for the first in time in the Effect Generator's mixer, the default brightness value has been changed from 0% to 50%. Previously, when switching to manual brightness, nothing was displayed in the middle window because the brightness value was 0.
  • The Effect Generator's Preview and Prop selection drop-downs were made wider, so that longer names are visible.
Pixel Editor Bug Fixes in 4.3.0:
  • On some computers, the text effect would display text in the entry box but not in the preview area. This has been fixed.
  • If errors occur while calculating intensity data, a more detailed error message is now displayed.
  • For picture and text effects, if movement is not "none", the initial positioning has been fixed so that the text or picture starts off-screen and scrolls on-screen.
  • For picture and text effects, Peak-A-Boo movement now starts immediately. Previously, the effect waited for a "peak-a-boo hold time" before the text or picture was first displayed.
  • When the selected prop is changed in the Effect Generator, the current effect now restarts.
  • The mouse wheel and keyboard shortcuts now work while a tooltip is displayed on the sequence grid
  • Fixed a potential crash after double-clicking on a blank cell in the sequence grid
  • Fixed a crash when any arrow key is pressed and nothing is selected on the sequence grid
  • Preview Info warnings now show network name instead of network number (i.e. Regular, Aux A, etc), and unit id's are now displayed in hexadecimal notation.
  • Fixed a crash in the Effect Generator when bulb size is invalid.
  • Fixed the Pixel Editor's Visualizer import so that it no longer generates invalid bulb sizes.
  • Fixed string assignments for the Fan shape clockwise layout (-CW) (previously the strings were reversed)
  • When double-clicking on an effect favorite to recall it, if that effect had manual brightness, the brightness value was not being restored.
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