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Programming for 102 Channels


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I'm fairly new to this. Last year I started with 48 channels and most of my songs were purchased preprogramed and I self programmed a few others.


This year I've upgraded to 102 channels and am programming all of the songs which is tedious and takes a lot of time.


Wondering how others do it that have multi channel displays? Thinking that perhaps those more experienced than I have a few tricks to share?



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I do a lot of channels here. Yes, tedious is the proper word. So to accomplish it, I'll pick a section of lights or a track, then sequence that area through the whole song. Then go back and select another area and do it all again.

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I put ten "dead channels" at the top of my sequences for the various timing marks that I will put in those 10 channels. I play section by section of the song & I do the beats firsts. I don't use the beat wizard but I make sure that I get the beats (zeroed in). Then I do the words (just in case of singing faces in the future or for some other use). Then I do Back Up vocals if there are any, then I group words together....like "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" I fade up Then I fade down on "Let Nothing You Dismay" and so on. (using this method say on a Marty Fan can give you a nice flowing effect) if sequenced right. I like everything to be smooth & blend right in. Then I look for cymbals & put them down (use down fades)......this can be good for arches. Then I put down other things like giutar playing, piano, & other various instruments.


Now these various timing marks or markings can be used for when you update the sequences you do.  Shared sequences can work to if you find sequences similar to your style...... especially mega trees, arches, Marty Fans. spinning Candy cane wheel.  

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