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Tapper wizzard way off timing

Eric walls

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I'm hoping someone can help me.....

I'm using the tapper wizzard to turn on a channel for my Santa's mouth to make him sing. As I start the tapper wizzard I tap when I want the effect and the tap window looks like it's putting that timing where I want it.

The problem is when I go back and run the sequence the effect is nowhere near where I had put that effect in by tapping. It's like 4 seconds off.

I have never had this happen before.

Any ideas? Why would the tapper wizzard be so off?


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Are your audio files Constant Bit Rate. Sounds like they may be Variable Bit Rate.

Try converting them to CBR with Audacity or similar audio editor.

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Your MP3 is not CBR 128K.


Make sure your audio file is an .MP3 digitized at 128Kbps and at a constant bit rate (CBR). Some music files are digitized at a higher bit rate or a variable bit rate (VBR) that just don't sit well with Light-O-Rama.

If you're not too technical, there's an online service that can convert and/or normalize the audio file for you. Goto: http://audio.online-convert.com/convert-to-mp3. Browse to the music file on your computer and select it. In the 'Optional Settings' box, make sure 'Normalize audio:' is checked. Don't change anything else. Press the 'Convert file' button and wait. When the conversion is done, download the file to your computer, make sure it's the one the sequence uses and you're good to go. Now the audio is in a standard MP3 format saved at 128Kbps CBR. 

If you want more control of the process and are willing to add another application to your computer, we suggest a program called Audacity (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/) is free and quite good at normalizing audio. The program is a bit geeky and you need to read the screens carefully, but it gets the job done. Make sure you also install the LAME encoders if you want the output files in the .MP3 format. At last check, here's the LAME encoders link: http://lame1.buanzo.com.ar/. Once these encoders are installed, save your music files in a 128Kbps CBR format. 

See Audacity installation information at http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/Audacity_Lame_128KbpsRevA.pdf 

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