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CTB16Kpcv1 will not setup.


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I have 2 CTB16K kits I built. One of which works perfectly and the other cannot be identified by the LOR hrdware utility V4.1.2


The LED on the board just flashes and when queried by the hardware utility, just times out. I have removed the circuit board and looked at all my solder connections, and was sure all the parts are installed correctly in their respective places.


I did solder in R1 (Resistor Network) backwards and realized this just as I was finishing the last solder point. So I cut the resistor out, de-soldered all the pins and cleaned the connections. I reordered the replacement part from Digi Key, and got it in a few days later. The numbers were verified and the new component was soldered in correctly.


After I finished the PC board, I could never get it to function.


I am sure the USB to serial connection is OK, as the other kit I put together works perfectly.


I'd like to know which electronics on this card I should check. Obviously from the NIC connector back to what? Since there are no schematics, troubleshooting seems quite difficult. Worse case scenario is to have LOR look at he board and possibly fix it.


Any idea of what I should do?

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The best thing to do is open a help desk ticket with LOR.  It's the super busy time of the year for them but they will do everything they can to get it resolved quickly.

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Sounds like the serial chip, would be my guess, I believe it's a MAX485, it's an 8-pin DIP, socketed, up near the RJ45's.  Electrically it's a level-converter from RS485 (12 volts or more) down to TTL (5 volts) serial required by the PIC.  Check it's in the socket correctly by the silkscreen, in case the socket is backwards.


If the LED is flashing, the PIC has booted, it isn't toasted, so my guess is it's fine.



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