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Using PixCon16 to light 240 pixel strip-partial wrong color

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I am using two outputs (1,2) on the PixCon16 to light a 240 pixel strip using E1.31 DMX on each output.  When I test the strips by holding down the Factory IP button, the colors are correct for each strip.  When I use the Pixel Editor and control the pixels (using bars with one color), the first 170 pixels on output 1 work correctly, but the last 70 in the string have the wrong color and the first 70 on output 2 are correct and the last 170 are incorrect.  


I have been working on this for a few days changing settings..., and have not been able to find anything using the search for answers.  What am I doing wrong?

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Above the channel grid in Prop Definition there is a "Max Circuit" field. Try changing that to 510.



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PixCon16 only uses 510 channels per universe.  You were telling Pixel Editor it was using 512.  That forced everything off 2 channels after 510.

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