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Pixel Editor Not Controlling Lights (or Sequencer with Pixel Prop)


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I am having trouble getting the Pixel Editor or the Sequencer with the PE Prop inserted to control my lights. I have a MegaTree with 16 strands of lights. I have tested LOR and the E1.31 device and it works correctly when I add DMX channels into the Sequence Editor and do simple things like I have done in the past. But when I follow the LOR Tutorials 1 and 2, I've never been able to get output to the lights as shown in the tutorial.


I have attached the Verifier output, but it basically says "Description: Intensity file uses undefined comm network" 16 times which seems to make sense based on the number of strands. 


So I'm not sure why the Pixel Editor or PE Prop is not using the defined setup in LOR seeing how the config works with direct RGB channels I add directly into the Sequencer. I also added a screen capture of the Props List from the Editor. 


Any help is appreciated. I did google and search, but only found the generic LOR article that just states that it depends on your situation....



LORVerifier Results.txt


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Sounds like you got it working!


The other good reference when you are having this problem is to select Help > Contents from the Pixel Editor menu. Then navigate to Menu Bar > Tools Menu > Control Lights. There you will find a list of items to check in order to get your lights going.



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