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I've been trying out the new pixel editor program and appear to have got a rough idea on how this works for my pixels. I have however also got a LOR DC controller which controls floods.


From what i understand is i control the floods from the sequence editor and the pixels from the pixel editor my problem is how do i visualise the both together? I created my props in pixel editor but when exporting i cant export to a file type the visualizer understands. Or should i create the props in visualiser first then import to pixel editor from there?







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From my experience, which is minimal, If you create props in vizualizer, it will import into the pixel editor as strings and lines, not something you necessarily want all the time.


I created my matrix in the vizualizer and then quickly realized that isn't going to work because each line showed up in PE as a separate object, and thus, my thoughts led me to believe that it would be impossible for the PE to scale effects properly. So I erased all those props in the vizualizer but retained all my old props and fixtures. 


What I did, which I still have yet to test, but might help steer you in the proper direction is to use the pixel editor to create your pixel props that you want to control with PE. I did this AFTER importing my vizualizer file. Now, in theory, and according to the documentation you should be able to use the PE to visualize both effects together. I don't have any PE effects yet so I haven't tested this.

I'm not sure if I read this in the documentation but I remember reading this info somewhere.

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