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Blue Screen of Death and LOR II

Dale W

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Last night was the last night of the show, so I am not terribly upset that my controllers are wiggy today.

I went to get some fireworks and returned to find the "Blue Screen of Death - Fatal Application Error". As my lights were supposed to be off anyway, I figured that something happened in LOR show director and crashed the computer.

Today, I was going to take one last picture of the display (with the traffic gone). So, I hook up the units to the USB and refresh. All of my units are there.

But, when I try to turn on the lights to test the units, they do not turn on.

Under LOR I, I can turn lights on each unit and they would stay on. Today, there is only one unit (of 13) that works at any one time.

Is it me? Or LOR II? Or residuals from the "Blue Screen of Death"

I am glad this season is over, but I do not want to close anything down with this hanging in the background as I will likely forget about it next November and will be pestering Dan about problems I am having.


apparently it is me. I must not have been holding my tongue right, because I just got everything to work one last time.


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Regarding the blue screen of death? I have no idea. I came in from shooting fireworks and saw it on the computer.

As far as getting the lights to turn on, I guess I wasn't hitting the test/resend button in the right order the first several times I tried to get it going.

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