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I need song ideas!


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Hello all! I need some input because I suck! OK so LOR has ruined my, when I hear a song I only think of what I can do with it with LOR! I am building a Valentine's display for my wife and I one definite song and one maybe.

She definitely wants "Love Stinks" (from the wedding singer, lol)

And I was thinking of Van Halen's "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" but she wasn't too keen on that one.

Here is a link to one of my Christmas songs (its not an actual Christmas song, but it is the only video I have. This song has changed since the first day this video was taken but you get the idea)


Forgive the video, my dubbing ability sucks at 4am.

As you can see and hear from the video I like fast songs showing the speed capable of LOR (i'll give you one clue as to where I spent my late nights in my early twenties, lol). All the Christmas song I have are remixes and nothing traditional. So I would like to keep that non-traditional theme. I do not get a lot of traffic like everyone else does, but I definitely hear when I have some people who like the music and that puts a big smile on my face. (its even better when I have my 5 year old talk to them over the radio with a 5 second delay! Everyone honking their horns!)

So if you have any Valentine's song ideas I would like to hear them.

Also, St. Patrick's day is coming up, I already have 3 Irish songs (techno/dance versions of course) so if you have any ideas about that also. You can never start too early! Hey that should be a motto.

LOR: You can never start too early! And you are never finished! You can always go bigger! Lights on sale, WHERE? And you are a SICK SICK person who needs help!

Thank you all for you help.


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