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Thanks for any help.


Matrix wizard, jumbotron. start matrix - top left   vertical   snake  CCR pixels   W 12  H 25

New/existing fixture  -  Recommended, checked this box


Automatically assigns 12 fixtures - which leads to my problem in the RUN CHANNEL WIZARD

I'm using 3 -  CCP 100D-pixels. (2 strings 1 controller each)

So shouldn't there just be 3 or 6 fixtures?


Run Channel Wizard: (fixture CCR 01)

start pixel 1     network regular     Normal unit ID mode     Channel Mode Triples     Resolution 50 pixels

base unit ID - ( I have assigned in hardware for the CCP strings to be units 4, 5, 6 )   So 4 ?


Click OK to go to next one:  start pixel is 26. So far seems OK as long as LOR knows that this is only 1/2 of the first string. And it is saying resolution 50 again.

now it goes to Unit 5 hence the problem of being 12 fixtures.


Keep clicking OK but I'm sure it is wrong.


Is there a tutorial for this? I cant find one on google. All for tree's.....

Help file doesn't seem to have my answer either.


Thank you

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