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Configuring Units - CCP100D-PIXELS


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Still trying to figure out matrix wizard in Visualizer. Channel wizard hands out so many channels, not sure if it is right. Trying to work through it logically.


Paperwork that came with the string says to set Unit ID to normal ( CCR-CCB Config tab in Hardware)


Reading the help files on configuring units and it says:

Normal mode, CCD will be single unit ID with 157 circuit ID's for a one string or 314 for a two string.

In Dual Normal mode, which is applicable for two-string CCD's, the device will have two contiguous unit ID's, each having 157 circuit ID's.


So which should I be using?

Just building a jumbotron style matrix with 3 CCP100D-pixel units.



Quick Q:

I only have LOR units, you see what I'm building, plus regular 16-channels controllers which I have no problem using. Do I just ignore everything in help files about DMX stuff?


Thank you

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