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Importing from sequence editor question


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I have a question about importing from the sequence editor...


I have 4 CCR's that were sequenced using Superstar.  I imported them into PE just fine.  I then did some sequencing on those CCR's inside of PE.  Next, I saved the intensity file.  I closed PE, opened up the file in SE and again...everything works great.


The question is...I did NOT "remove prop channel data from sequence editor" when I was in PE.  Is this a problem??   it seems as if all the sequencing data is in two places (the SE file, and the new intensity file)





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SE and the Show Player will not control your lights reliably. If you have the same channels in your SE sequence and your intensity data file, they will play back at the same time. Which channel "wins" is undefined and may change during playback. You need to use the PE migration delete channels tool to remove the duplication.


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