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Learn from my mistakes or "oversight"


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Sometimes it is hard to admit when you have done something really stupid or overlooked something that is so obvious.. By my own admission, I hope to spare all of you the frustration that I have recently experienced.  This is really, really, really, really stupid so prepare yourself.....


As of late, I have been struggling with how to solder extensions to my rgb(+) pads so I can connect extending wire that will connect with my controller.  I have frequently asked questions of other users to hopefully get a better grip on soldering methods and I truly appreciate all of the help I have received. However, because I have been so focused on my inability to make good solder connections, I overlooked the fact that there are connecting wires on each end of my rgb strips.... Once you stop laughing, I will continue......


I didn't want to waste any of my rgb strip so being focused on making new connections was paramount to me.  Unfortunately this obsession caused me to overlook what my overall goal was with my lights. 



a: want to use rgb for 7 white 3-4ft trees to create "sweeping" motion across my yard

b: want to use the remaining portion of the strip for a small rgb tree


What I was failing to recognize is that I could accomplish this by simply cutting the strip in half and using half to wrap around my trees and the other half for the small rgb tree.......Again, stop laughing...... 


Unfortunately, I have wasted my time, and other forum users' time, money on flux, different types of solder, different soldering irons, all while trying to learn to solder these connections properly.  This has been a great lesson to me.    Sometimes you become so hyperfocused on the minute details that your real purpose gets lost in the shuffle.  The biggest point I have learned is to never forget to continually evaluate your overall goal.






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