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Let me start off by saying, last year I tried Pixels for the 1st time.  I started too late in the season and didn't have enough time to learn, troubleshoot, and therefore Pixels didn't happen.


This year, hoping to try again.  I got a new controller, Alpha Pix 4

I can control the pixels using LOR S4 Advance as long as I use Universe 1.




Pixels are plugged into Output 1

Settings on the controller for Output 1 is Universe 1


Settings in LightORama's Network settings have the AlphaPix IP address for Universe 1, 2, 3, 4

Sequence editor has 300 channels  (1-300)  for Universe 1.

All plays normal


NOW If I change the sequence editor for all 300 channels to be Universe 2,  AND I change the Alpha Pix Controller for Output 1 to be Universe 2,   Nothing good happens.  


Side question,  why does the sequence have to play for 10-15 seconds, sometimes, before the lights will begin responding...  at that point they will respond appropriately ... .just seems like when changes are made, there's this delay where nothing works.  And this is only in Univ 1, because univ 2 still doesn't do anything.


All of you that are reading this,  I thank you for your time and feedback.  To spend your time reading new posts and helping others is  ( in my opinion ) what Christmas is about (in this generation)  ... Its about giving because you want to,  not b/c it's expected and not b/c you hope you get something back.  I just want you all to know how much I appreciate you all for helping and I hope that I can soon begin giving back and helping those that are just getting started.




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Somehow I think everyone missed your post when it came out.   You've got at least two issues going on here. 


Rather than to play 20 questions to help troubleshooting, could you provide a couple things?    1. A screen cap of your network settings.     2. A copy of your config file or at least a copy of any sequence you're working on (It has your chan configs in it - a blank sequence is OK too).   3. A quick sketch or diagram of how your networks are set up.


If you can't post the pictures here, I'll PM my email. 

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