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I just started last year with a starter kit that included a 5 song program on an SD card.  This year I want to add more songs, but the sequences are a download.  Also the music is bought separately.  Is it an easy process to put these downloads on an SD card to run in my light show controller?

Thanks for any advise.

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Welcome to the madness...

Yes, once you are a little familiar with the software it's easy.

First time, I remember - kinda thinking you might break it. You wont.

To get started with your downloads, open the LOR Sequence Editor. When it opens, select existing sequence and find the downloaded file. Then go to edit and select media file. From there go to your Amazon, or your whatever music file, and select the music you purchased. Then click save. That's a rough start. After that, post more questions if you get stumped. Or these tutorials can be a big help too.


Good luck.

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