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Halloween 2015 - my first attempt at the madness!


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I only sequenced 2 songs as Halloween was somewhat of an afterthought.  Now I see what everyone is talking about.... First as everyone says, sequencing takes a long time, I was sequencing yesterday until my wife made me stop so we could take the kids around the neighborhood Trick-or-treating!   Second, tough I noticed flaws and timings that were not quite right, I was overwhelmed by all the positive comments from adults and children as they came to our house for candy.   Yup, I'm hooked!   Looking forward to the Christmas show and already looking forward to Halloween next year.  


Monster Mash, timing isn't perfect, I had a difficult time syncing the music with the video with the cheap Android video editor. https://youtu.be/-2j3X65UjZw


Thriller - Thanks to Kingfish for the singing face:  https://youtu.be/6VNhEwCby7Q

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Very cool Ed. Great use of the flood lights and timing is right on


And yes, Facebook deletes everything.

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