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Image not Playing back on full Matrix


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Ok I have basically 2 matrix's that are seperated by 14 feet.  Created the visualization and it works great in Pixel editor.  When I import the visualization it appears correct and when I draw the image on both grids it appears in the preview correctly.  The problem is when I play it (with no movement) it only shows one side of the matrix?  Here are 2 screen shots.  Once of the drawing and one of it playing.


You can see it only displays one face instead of the 2?







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superstar allows you to specify a clip rectangle for each image. At the bottom of the image dialog box you have manual clip selected. Use shift + left mouse drag to change the clip rectangle for the image. By default it sets the clip rectangle to the first matrix. So I am guessing that you have the clip rectangle set to the first matrix for both faces. Do the following:


Bring up an image on the right matrix

Use shift + left mouse drag to set the clip rectangle to the right matrix

click on the modify button


If that doesn't fix it, let me know.

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