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New to pixels / SS. Help to get me started


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Ordered my new stuff for this year. 3 - CCP (50X2) strings with controller. License upgrade to 4.2.6 SS license 8_CCR


Where do I start :)

Serious - I know I will not have time to learn everything SS can do. What are the easiest steps to create my effect? Looking to create a prop that the matrix wizard sets up (Visualizer) 6 rows of 50 bulbs. All I am after this year is making a few words cross the screen, some pictures perhaps talking faces if I get good.


I've been looking at the help files, tutorials, but its pretty easy to start going in circles


Visualizer. 1st time I have even set that up, in the past did my sequencing without it. It is working fine with my current songs.

Not sure I have the Run Channel Wizard correct for the matrix.


I'm sure the Sequence editor is not the right place to work. Too many channels.


SuperStar - so many choices. I do not want to program my whole show there. Already have 20 songs sequenced. Just want to create my matrix prop, program the pixels and insert it.


Looks like it will be a LOT more challenging than I thought. Not afraid of it, got the sequencer understood and have been using it for a couple of years. Three 16 channel controllers.

Just not sure of the order I should be learning to create what I want - without having to learn it all.

At one point I think I even read I have to do something in Hardware, but I lost it.... still searching :)


Thank you for any help.

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Think I might have solved it by using Pixel Editor. Hoping it is enough for this year. Trying my hand at programing it, can't test till y new strings come in.

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The pixel editor is good for simple effects and SuperStar is for more precise control.


Both can do text and images but the Pixel Editor is probably better for that.

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