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Help! Pentatonix Christmas

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Looking for anything Pentatonix!


I would love to have Mary did you know, and Drummer boy. I would like to do an all Pentatonix theme this year. I have 2 boxes and either 16 or 32 channel will work. I am excited to get this going. I hope you can help!


If you share, please link where the song is you used so I can purchase the correct copy, or let me know where you edited the version. I am starting to get the hang of sequencing, but would love to use a template and add to my own. :)




Thank you in advance!



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Hey James, you have been overly kind to me so far.  I have to admit I had to google Pentatonix... (I am not what you call current) and WOW I love them.  Think you could send me your Christmas stuff regarding this?

I appreciate it.





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Daft punk is sweet! And love little drummer boy!


Big thank you James!


Still looking for Mary did you know, Carol of the bells, Angels we have heard on high, Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel, Oh Holy Night, This Christmas........ anything Pentatonix.


If anyone is willing to share.



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James you do great work!  After watching your show the Pentatonix Drummer Boy, I NEED MORE CHANNELS.  That was stunning.  I want that show.  If anyone has more Pentatonix Christmas stuff I would love to have it.  The Drummer boy was awesome.

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james morris,


Is there any way you can send any pentatonix sequences my way?  I've seen your work, and the compliments are well-deserved.






Also, if you can provide a link to where I can purchase the exact .mp3s that you used, I'd appreciate that!



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