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Migrating Single Channel Data to an entire Universe


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Problem: I'm at the awkward stage of being half way into regular AC LEDs and halfway into pixels. This year I have converted 9 elements to RGB pixels. My new channel configuration is in place (I haven't blown away the old channels). What I want to do is have the new pixel elements behave like the old single channels elements behaved. This I figure is a good started point before going crazy with effects. Also, for many things I really do want them to do what the old simple element did before.


So I tried doing this manually. I setup my tracks and channels so I could easily copy and paste from the old stuff to the new ones, but even with the best tracks and groups, my first song took me about an hour. Just to make it do what it used to do, but now with RGB. Given I have a ton of sequences to convert this would use almost all my sequencing time (yeah I'm just starting).


Solution: I wrote a script where I specify a LOR Unit ID and channel number then say take the sequencing data from that channel and copy it to every channel in a universe (see I'm already benefiting from not pixel packing). I could have done channel ranges, but harder to script. So what took hours before now takes about 20-30 seconds. 


Here is the link to the lightly tested PERL script. I make no promises or guarantees to the scripts quality (worked for me). Use at your own risk. If you're not comfortable with PERL I may have a Windows executable down the road (like months).



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