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Minor Functional Request for PE


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I have a simple request based on my observations in PE 4.2.8..  When I'm working in SE, after coping a cell or block of cells, I can left-click a target upper-left cell and then ctrl-V to paste.  If I want to do this again, a frequent thing, I can simply left-click the next target and ctrl-V, without having to release the ctrl key.  In PE I can't do this because ctrl-left-click seems to be assigned to another function.  My vote would certainly go with the way SE treats a ctrl-left-click so that I don't have to press ctrl, release ctrl, press ctrl, releast ctrl, etc...  Thanks Mikey.



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Control-Left-Click has a special function in PE. It allows you to select a region not bounded by the current timing grid. This allows you to place effects where there is no timing mark.



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Yeah, but this goes back to the whole "F Key" debate from a few years ago.


People who have used the software for a while are used to being able to keep the control button pressed in the SE while doing something. I noticed that I had to released the control button when in the PE, and it does take some getting used to. 


The very least a custom key map, like the SE, would be appreciated.

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