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From Fort Wayne, IN


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I know that some folks are against the all white displays, but I had to start by reusing the lights my wife bought for our wedding last year. If anything hapens in our favor this year, I'll be able to add some serious channels and some elements.

About the venue:
We're located on one of the 10 busiest streets in the city. It's a 4 lane thoroughfare running about 45 - 50mph with a 35mph speed limit. About a block west (right, in the video) is a stop light at the bottom of the hill, so you'll see a lot of brake lights. Our lot is about 40 feet wide with about 30 feet between the steps and the street. With six inches of snow last week, I'm glad most of the lights stayed up off the ground.

About the video:
I shot most of this on Dec 23rd when winds were gusting to over 50mph and the temperature was in the teens. The camera blows over in one song (Winter Wonderland) and I adjusted it thinking I would be back out to film it again later. It was early in shooting so I wasn't frozen yet. I changed my mind.

About the lights:
Since I don't know the number from the penguins on the porch, I'm estimating a lowly count of 3500 lights running on 16 chnnels of LOR. The makeshift Radio Frequency sign uses a channel and adds about 300 of those lights. Unfortunately, a bit of the lights on the left side went out just before recording and the tree on the right covers the ones over there, mostly.

Winter Wonderland - The Brian Setzer Orchestra
Merry Christmas - The Ramones

Carmina Burana - Intro - Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

I've left out a few that haven't been done up for the tube yet, but you get the jist. A visit to see another LOR display in town has granted me tentative permission to get a flag pole installed this summer and maybe room to do some mini trees. We've got a baby due in May, so a lot depends on that.
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Great job on the timing. I will have to make the trip over to see it in person as I know from my display the videos never do them justice, have to see them in person.

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