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RGB Strip mounting - fast, cheap and easy

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I often see folks wanting to try their hand at RGB, but they're not sure how to install them. The RGB strips are fragile and need support or they'll quickly fail.  Unfortunately, that would dictate lots of work, but we wanted a fast, cheap and easy way to mount our RGB strips without punching holes in the siding and we came up with this idea which may or may not help give you some ideas on your installation.

Three years ago, we took inexpensive 1"x2" lumber (about $1 ea), ripped them in half to give us 8' sections of 1"x1". We painted, trimmed to length and prepared to wire tie the RGB strips onto the lumber.

For the vertical sections mounted on Vinyl siding, we attached paint stir sticks with glue and staples so that we'd have a secure lip. The lip slides under the vertical trim and stays put even in high winds with no damage or holes to the siding. The installation takes seconds and comes down just as easy. (photo).

The strips that go around our garage door were nearly as easy. The top has a metal support for the brick which is perfect for our magnets. We countersunk holes about 2' apart, glued in magnets and installed. Again, fast and easy. (Photos). The garage door sides didn't take much either, but did require small holes in the mortar and an outdoor masonry screw (Photo).

Storage is easy too.  We used waterproof disconnects, gently stack the sticks, bungee cord them together and store them in the basement rafters with the RGB still attached. 


The roof eaves were a little different.  We installed them permanently, leaving the roof eaves installed year round and after 3y, they're still going strong with no issues. For those, we bought a number of 1/8"x1/2"x10' long strips of aluminum from a local metal supply company and drilled small holes every 2'. I hired a tree trimming company to bring in a bucket truck to do the installation because I couldn't easily get to some of our eaves due to our house design and I wasn't about to put ladders on inclined first floor roofs - it's NOT worth risking injury.  I handed the bucket truck guy the aluminum strips, some nylon washers to use as a backer, and small screws which went into the facia. The gap from the nylon washers was enough to fasten the RGB strip with wire ties to the aluminum. Our homeowners association hires a management company to do drive through inspections for covenants compliance, and the RGB has never been a problem. It blends in so well, its nearly invisible under the gutters and no one notices.

Hope this helps.   Safe installations to everyone!





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