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Sequencing DMX moving heads

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Hi there,


I am new to the DMX world. I have a 16 channel moving head beam and other than pan and tilt I can't seem to get it to do anything else. I have Gobo effects and the beam effect. Can anybody help. 

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I have used LOR for about 6 years to control stage lighting and special effects for a puppets show we do every other year at my church. One LOR controller for the stage lights from an old DMX system and the other LOR controller for special effects.


This year I found out I could use the former DMX in succession with LOR (This opens up a whole new world for me)...


I'd like to add a moving head intelligent light for a special effect of the angel saying "Fear Not" this will be a light effect and not an actual puppet- The video is VERY helpful.Thanks


Was wondering two things: 

1. Is the added controller I need ONLY the iDMX100?                       In my #1 LOR controller I still have a network port open.

2. What would be a decent moving head intelligent light to consider. I Would like to keep the price around $500.00 or less. 


Any help out there? I will start programming next week after we get our set raised. 

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