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Any ideas for twinkling /strobe effect.

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I would like to add a twinkling effect to my light shows his year. Some magic to my Disney sequence. I currently have qty 10 C9 xenon strobes lights that. I purchased from Wow Lights. I love these, but they are so darn expensive. Does anyone have a more cost effective way to do this. I was hoping to find some twinkling LEDs or something like that to work?



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You can do strobe effects with LEDs, but from what I hear, they do not compare to a real strobe (I don't have any so I can only go by what has been said here on the forum).

For a comparison, you've driven the Maserati, and now you want the same performance from a VW bug. Not gonna happen.

I'll let others who have used strobe effects chime in for a more experienced point of view.

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You really don't want LED strobes.  You really, really don't want them.  To put it nicely, they suck.


As with almost everything in this hobby the best time to buy is during the pre-sales in Jan.  I don't know what you paid, but the pre-season sale prices on U-tube xenon strobes is between 3 and 4 bucks - depending on the vendor and quantity.

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