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Wiring 5v relays for small motors - please help

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In need of help!

I'm trying to control 5v dc motors with LOR. This shouldn't be too complicated. I don't need speed control. Just on and off.

I have been told that I need to use relays with motors and can't connect directly to LOR.

I have a CMB16D controller, or a Servodog controller that I can use. I also have a 5v relay (sad-05vdc-so-c), as well as a DPDT relay...

So I believe I have the right components. I have been playing around trying to wire this up but have had no luck. I'm in over my head! Haha.

If anyone has some guidance or instructions you could help me with, I would be so great full. Even if just some generic answers.

Thank you!!


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For the relay you specified "sad-05vdc-so-c" I could not locate an exact match, is the name correct?

I usually use 12V ice cube relays (you would think I own stock)

For generic info:

For on off control only, run the power (straight from your power supply) through the "triggered input" and then the output to your motor.

Wire the relay trigger to a channel on your CMB16 dc board (use the correct voltages for the relay and to power the board).

Now when that channel is "on", it will trigger the realy to switch contacts and close the circuit between the motor and power supply.

Lastly, how many amps does this motor pull? one channel on the DC board is good for 4amp WITHOUT a heat sink.

I have run 12V linear actuators before(5amps)straight from the DC board.

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CMB16D should be able to control these motors.   What is your project  exactly?     LOR is great for repeating a highly exact sequence of events.   


However, It can not respond to inputs to impact the sequence of events.   If you need your motors to have situational awareness,  you need to use a arduino or similar and program the responses.      If you have a prop you want to spin always during the same part of a particular song,  CMB16D will do it. 

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Thanks for the replies. The motors are part of a small talking animatronic animal I'm trying to hack. To open the mouth the motor needs to turn on. There is a spring that closes the mouth when the motor turns off.

The amps must be low... The entire animal normally runs off from 4 AA batteries.

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The relays will turn the motor on/off, but they may not turn them on/off as fast as you need them to indicate talking or singing.  If that is what you want to simulate.  I assumme the motors in the animatronic is a servo, therefore you will need a servo driver.  As Itsmebobo has suggested, Cowlacious has a board that will perform that task.  I use one with my talking skull for Halloween.  There are other manufacturers out there.  Check out the Halloween forums, Haunt Forum or Halloween Forum.

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