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Serious Silly Seizure Sircle


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I am building a 7' wide indoor only prop using:


E1.31 channels: 6,720

DMX channels: 954

LOR channels: 120


Total channels used: 7,794 


This is my first venture into pixels and dumb RGB. I have had two old LOR boards for years but have never used them. A CTB08 & CTB16.



I started assembling the control panel yesterday. I have all of the control boards mounted on 56 brass standoffs. The panel is 48" x 48".



I still have another 5 power supplies to mount. I am using 5v, 12v & 24v DC plus 110v AC. I am running three dedicated circuits from my breaker box to power it up.



The frame covered in hardware cloth.



I used many hundreds of these tiny wires to attach the front.


The view from underneath.



This is how it will stand once I install all of the lights.



The majority of the colors glow under blue LED's.


The lights:

30 meters WS2811 74 pixel per meter strips

80 meters dumb RGB 30 LED per meter

140 - 25mm pixels

32 - 85mm 24 pixel rings

1 - 7 pixel ring

1 - 12 pixel ring

1 - 16 pixel ring

1 - 24 pixel ring

1 - 60 pixel ring

6 - blue LED strobes

4 - 10 watt UV floods

206' - EL Wire in 9 colors with 21 drivers


The majority of the layout. Most everything is being done in 32. 32 individual spokes of the 74 pixel per meter strips(black lines), 32 individual spokes of RGB (red lines), 32 individual spokes of RGB (blue lines), 32 pixel rings(black dots)



I am doing this for fun and to make a video of it. I spent over 20 years designing, installing and programming commercial sound and special effect lighting systems in night clubs so I am pretty used to this kind of thing even though I mainly only worked with commercial DMX equipment.

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I have a serious lighting addiction problem. I had 21 EL Wire drivers but the controller has 36 channels so I just ordered another 15 drivers so I can fill the controller.


I also just ordered a 4 channel DMX controller to keep my four 10 watt 24 volt UV LED floodlights completely separate from all of the 5 and 12 volt stuff.


I will be very careful when starting this thing up. It will be set up one control signal and one control board at a time then adding each board in one at a time.


I installed three more power supplies today. Have my two biggest ones on the way. They are 5 volt 60 amp. I am doing power injection bypassing the F16V2 which is why I have the four 8 way fuse blocks at the bottom right of the control panel. My terminal blacks for the negative lines should be here today. Two 16 way blocks. I have every size of wire from 8 gauge on down.


Since I have never done one of these systems before I figured I would keep it simple and start off with only one small prop.  :P

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Today I assembled the four 10 watt UV flood lights, added three more power supplies and the two green power distribution blocks for the negative lines from the 120 amps of 5 volt of the last two power supplies I am waiting on. I also soldered together the ATX power tap board and mounted that.






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I had to rearrange a few things on my control panel as I added in another power supply plus I needed room for just one more controller. I added in another network cable to run a high speed LOR universe for the four CMB24 and left the CTB16 and CTB8 on the older LOR universe.


I also mounted the 36 EL Wire drivers on some old slotted rail used for putting shelves on a wall. Today my last controller comes so I can start wiring the 110v to things. I finally broke down and figured up what goes on which circuit and how many circuits I would need. I won't be fully loading the old 110v LOR boards so they will go on a single circuit.


#1 –
Four 12v30a X 3.3a = 13.2a +
One 24v2.5a = .5a = 13.7a
#2 -
One 12v30a = 3.3a +
Two 5v60a X 2.7a = 5.4a + 
One 5v40a = 1.8a+
One 24v5a = 1.1a+
One 300w PSU = 2.7a = 14.3a
#3 –
CTB16 + 
CTB8 = 15a
I will be running all of the power lines on the back of the board drilling holes where they need to come through to the front.
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I have finally gotten to the point to where I could start entering all of the devices, networks, universes and channels into the Sequence Editor. I will be using the Pixel Editor for all of the RGB and Pixels but I still wanted them in SE because down the road I will probably do some of my own programming of them without the PE being used.


I hadn't been keeping track of how many channels I would be using. I still have a few hundred more channels to add in but right now I am at 10,156 channels with all of the big stuff punched in.


Almost finished wiring up all of the controllers. I have about 3/4 of that done.

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I started testing out a few of the controllers and I think that I will need to limit intensities to about 50% on all of the Pixels and RGB's. 


My 32 main 35" long strips of WS2812B's are 74 pixel per meter. My 140 of the 25mm pixels are kind of on the bright side too.


The 100mm pixels will be extreme since each pixel has 12 SMD5050's on it and I have 35 of them. oops. I plan on making large (24" wide) eyes out of them with a pupil that can go left, right and center in addition to the eyes closing. They will also work as blinders to burn out your retinas.


This prop at full power will probably be like staring at the sun. 10,000+ channels packed into 48 square feet.


Even though it is really crazy I am having a lot of fun learning all of this stuff and setting it up.

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