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USB - RS485 Adapter


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Hello everyone, the little gremlins are working around here!

I checked the computer and LOR equipment and ran to the store for a few minutes last night.

When I returned I found that a circuit breaker had tripped which housed my computer, Ramsey FM 30, and the IDMX-1000 (wall wart power supply).

I reset the breaker (could not find any reason that it had tripped, no evidence of any problem anywhere). I let the computer boot, everything came up fine except that there was no communication between the computer and the LOR controllers. The IDMX is the first controller physically on the network (I keep in indoors).

I rebooted again and same problem. None of the controllers had RS485 signal. Swapped cables to the IDMX and still nothing. Suspect became the USB/RS495 adapter. Fortunately, I had another one that I had purchased from D-Light. I removed the original LOR one and plugged the D-Light one in. It changed the Com port and (knock on wood) for now seems to be running OK.

Has anyone had any experience in the interface failing? What would cause the failure?

Just curious. I am assuming that a USB/RS485 adapter is just that and there are no proprietary differences between the LOR version and the D-Light version.


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Anything electronic device can fail. You had some type of unexplained power surge that blew the breaker and also apparently damaged the usb485. The total failure rate of the USB485 (included failures caused by abuse) is less than 1%.

As far as the compatability of the other unit. I am not sure... but because D-Light was founded by copying Light-O-Rama their interface is likely compatable with our controllers without issue.

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Thanks Dan!

I just couldn't figure out how something like that can happen. No controllers are on that circuit, just computer, transmitter, and IDMX. Thank God that the controllers are on circuits which have a timer and were off.

I agree, anything electronic can fail at any time. My point is that if I had not had the other interface (from experimenting with the D-Light DC boards), I would have been up the creek.

The USB/RS485 units are so inexpensive that I am going to order another to use and keep this one as a spare.

We're averaging 500+ cars a night and they are sitting outside waiting when the program begins. So, this note is just a word of wisdom to the group that if you can afford it, keep a backup. I have an extra controller too.

Dan has the best customer service in this arena, but he and his group are stressed during this season and will do everything in his power to help. I now try to think ahead and prepare.

Thanks Dan and the group. Have a

Merry Christmas!

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