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Help Wanted - Spiral Tree Sequence (16 Channel/1 color)

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Does anyone have a 16 channel, single color, spiral tree sequence they would be willing to share with me?  Specifically the 1st song I'm (still) working on is Carol of the Bells by Monique Danielle, but I would obviously be very grateful for any sequences someone would be willing to share. I just need to see some to get an idea.  I have seen some offered on the forums, but I've had a hard time finding a single color 16 channel - I'm not feeling good enough yet to splice together 16 or more channels of multiple colors into 1.  


This is my first year doing (trying to do) a sequenced light show.  Sequencing, in general, is not treating me kindly.  I do feel like I'm finally starting to pick it up just a little bit.  Feel like I had writers block or something getting started. I have spent countless hours pouring through the forums and really appreciate all the helpful information everyone takes time to post and feel a little guilty even asking for this!!




Thank you all in advance!!


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I was going to start the same topic, I am a LOR newbie also. This is my 2nd year. Going to do a spiral tree for the first time this year. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Sarge I am going to emial you as well.






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