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Alright so I have added all of my pixels into the visualizer but when I go to play the visualization it says that there is an error because some of the universes have too many pixels on them, but that's because some of the pixel strings start on one universe and end on another which I believe you can do. For example one string has 36 pixels and starts on pixels number 142 on universe 8, so I started my next string on pixel 8 in universe 9. Not sure if I have gone about this the right way? Thanks in advanced for any help.


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Look in the visualizer folder under the "Samples" folder, and take a look at the "Superstar_12ribbons_dmxPixelTool_packed.lee" file and you will find out how to do what you're wanting to do.


In this visualizer, you will have strings 04a and 04b, 07a and 07b and finally 11a and 11b. These are the strings you need to simulate in your visualization. Not necessarily a pixel tree, but this is a sample of how you need to draw your strings to fully pack a string that starts in 1 Uni, and ends on another.

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