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Line Powered CMB-16D

Steppe Wolfe

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I was fine tuning my display and I unplugged the power supply to the CMB16D (DC controller) to change the address, however the network light on the board did not go out.

I discovered by experimentation that if either controller upstream (CTB8D 8 chan 240VAC) or downstream (CTB16D 16 chan 240VAC) was powered and connected to the unpowered CMB16D the network light would be on. If the network was active with the HU or SE running, the network light would go from blinking to solid if the upstream cable was connected.

It looks like 1: The network power works both ways, keeping the board awake if the normal DC suppy drops out. It would be interesting if you could use the board to control sub 12vdc loads without having to provide the secondary supply.

2: Unplug power and both data lines before working on the board or changing settings.

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