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Ralph A

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I have been with LOR since 2007 and doing the Christmas blinky blinky thing.  I want to branch out for 2016 and do a Halloween show.  Seems like a lot of fun and have a wider range of things that can be played with.


Here is where I need some help form those of you that have done this before.  I want to build my own 3-Axes skull, as well as several pneumatic props.

What are some of the best DIY Halloween forums to learn about such things?  As well as some of the best places to buy your gear? 


I just learned of AtmosfearFX and really love what is being done with the projectors!!!


Thanks for all the help and happy haunting to those who will have a show this year!!

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Haunt forum has a lot of information.  Monsterlist of hallowen projects has DIY projects. 

Fright Props, monsterguts, fright ideas are all good sources for pnuematics.

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I build 3axis 3 years ago. Control by lor with servodog. Also i made in sync with jackolanters from AtmosfearFX.
If you need help contact me

BTW if you going to build 3 Axis Skull or anything with servo i HIGHLY recommend www.monkeybasics.com TRACK Skull software, if will make your life 100% better to program motion/movements. This week software on sale 30% off CYBER WEEK!

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