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Holdman Stars if you are interested


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My nephew recently got a wild idea to build me a few wire-frame items for the light show.  Now I have created a monster...LOL  The first thing he did was a Holdman Star for the top of my 20" Mega Tree.  It turned out kind of nice, and so I challenged him to do it again 3 more times to see if he could make them perfect every time.  He did it!  Now he wants me to sell them!



The Star is 36" Tall, and about 34" wide, so shipping will need to be worked out before I can sell these, but here is a sample of what they look like with a few pixel patterns running on them.






I have tried to look around for what Holdman stars are selling for for this size wire frame, and have come up with $40 - $50 plus shipping!  These are powder coated black, and have a 1/2" screw on pipe cap, so you will need to have a 1/2" thread to put it into.  I think this size will work for 10' - 20" tree?  Or you could even mount it on a roof, if you can build a 1/2" pipe to thread it too.


Send me a PM and lets talk!  I have 3 of these available today, just need to figure out how to ship them! 


Yes, he bends the metal that tight, so these are VERY sturdy.

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