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Getting To The Top ! Tree is High and Lifted UP!

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OK - I was truly tempted to title this something like "Getting It UP - there" but I refrained... 


Three years ago with the building of our Munkhouse Jump Pole for our Mega tree, we did a good job building the pole and placing  it in the receiver in the front yard where we attached 32 bands of 25 pixels.  Then we tried to raise it up.  I appreciated the help from my friends, but the circus clowns have nothing on our Saturday show.


Not wanting  to see that happen again, I set out to build a lifter that was quick and simple.

Harbor Freight provided the 12VDC power winch, The steel shop provided all the necessary materials I needed to weld it together.


What we ended up with is a 1 inch steel tube that is guided up between two pieces of angle iron welded to a piece of flat bar about 10 feet long, and this tube is lifted by the help of that winch and cable, and the whole thing is held to the jump pole with two square "U" bolts hugging the pole.   The tube pushes under the top plate of the jump pole and up and down it goes, pretty slick. 


Attached is a picture of the unit on my hand truck (easy to move around), and a video link of it in action.


If you have questions I do have other pictures.



Blessings..   Papa


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