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A News Story With a Twist


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It's not to often that you get to write your own news story but that is the case in the link below.

Maybe some background is in order here. I have always been involved in local politics and several months ago one of the local papers asked if I would write a political blog for their local site. There is a link to my blog in the story.

About a week ago I wrote an entry about my display instead of my usual political rants. Today they published my blog in the paper along with a picture of Santa and a little girl. This is the third story this year about our display and if I do say so myself the only one that really captures what and why we do what we do each year.

I hope you all enjoy it.


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Very nice!

In times where decorators are being attacked by fringe groups (On other areas of the net that I frequent, I have been accused of wasting environmental resources and contributing to global warming by putting out so many lights), it is nice to know that in your town, the reason for decorating is out there. I wish I could publish this in every newspaper and on every blog out there.

Congrats on a another great display!

disclaimer: I am not asking anybody to vote for my display, nor am I am not trying to hijack a thread.:shock: (this is my attempt at humor to interject a bit of levity onto this board)

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I just got an email a minute ago that I thought I would share. I thought it appropriate for this thread in light of what Robin posted above.

"I just have to write and tell you how magnificent your display is in person. I was having a tough year this year and I heard about your home on the news. I have been dealing with the loss of some very important people in my life and this has been an especially tough year for me. I love Christmas soooooooooo much and am the consummate Christmas Elf. My friends and I went to see your home and it made us all feel child-like again! The selection of music was right up my alley and the display is
truly breath- taking.

I thought it was important for you to know how special you made my life this Christmas and that all of your tremendously hard work and efforts have touched someone this year in a special way.

Keep up the good work and blessings in the New Year!!


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