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I have several strings of GECE (iTwinkle) lights for sale.

The vast majority of them are new. There are a few that to the best of my knowledge may have seen 1 season. Except for testing. I have NOT used these pixels.

I did splice some of these into max string lengths (64 pixels). Again to the best of my knowledge you will need a SanDevice controller to utilize these strings

as none of these have the iTwinkle controller or power supply. I don't know of anyone else that supports the GECE protocol.

These are 5V pixels

Here is a list of what I have to offer.

4ea 36 cnt strings. ($15 per sting) These are new

4ea 64 cnt strings. ($20 per sting) These have been spliced from 36 and 50 count strings that I had. There may be more than one splice as I did have to replace

a few failed pixels.

2ea 18 cnt strings. These are new cut from a 36cnt that I was going to use for window frames.

1ea 26 cnt strings. These are new cut from a 36cnt that I was going to use for window frames.

I will also take $15 for the 3 strings listed above.. makes it easier since they are cut strings. (which can be spliced back together. I left enough tail)

I also have what I will call a "Grab Bag" of GECE pixels. There are 70+ bulbs (77 I think) in various length strings. 3 of them are the END pixel from a string

meaning it doesn't have a wire to continue to the next pixel. Also in this bag are 5+ extra faceted covers. I will toss in enough roof clips to cover the strings plus some extras.

Speaking of roof clips. I have enough GECE roof clips to cover all of the pixels I have PLUS !!!

I will make sure that each string has enough clips plus some extras to cover if one gets broken.

Here is what I know about GECE's.

String lengths max out at 64 pixels because of their addressing.

They are a little slow in sequence changes and might drop a few changes if data is coming really fast (In LOR I use .10 sec timing and they are pretty good. )

They are about the size of a traditional C9 with a faceted cover. They look GREAT on a roofline or down a sidewalk.

I can ship anywhere in the continental US (shipping is via USPS). BUYER PAYS SHIPPING ...

They are somewhat heavy so keep that in mind for shipping

If you are interested in any of the above let me know and I will give you a ballpark of shipping weight and you can use the USPS calculator to get an estimate on

shipping from Huntsville, Texas 77320. I don't have enough time to pack, weigh and lookup requests for shipping. Not that I don't want to... I just don't

have the time.

I also will consider a Best Offer

Thanks for looking

Bob ..

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