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Most of us programmers like to game as well.  A few days ago while watching NHK (that's the BBC of Japan), they were talking about a game from Square Enix called 'Heavenstrike Rivals'.  I tried it out, and it's addicting.  Like most mobile games it is 'free to play', but with stuff you can buy.  I have played for many hours without spending a single cent.


It's a strategy game somewhat like some of the collectable card games out there like 'Magic the Gathering' or 'Pokemon'.  


There are solo challenges, leagues, player vs player, and raids.  New events pop up quite regularly.  This weekend was a raid event that had a ton of great items and lots of experience.


The downside to the game is that it is a large download and takes up some space on your device.  Heed the games warning when it tells you that you should be connected to WIFI when initially downloading the game.


Search your app store for it.  If you decide to play, use my code for some freebies.  Then post YOUR code here and I'll return the favor.  I'm not sure if we can enter multiple recruitment codes, but if we can everyone should do it with everyone here.  If not, we'll do a chain - use the last persons code, post yours, and you become the new last person.


My invite code is CPTEAF40597


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