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2014 Display Videos

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I finally got a chance to upload some of my 2014 videos (this was my second year). If you're bored or need a break from sequencing you can watch and see if I stole any of your ideas! As usual if you have any good or bad comments or suggestions for improvements I would appreciate it.






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Love it. Doing the stairs is very clever. How do you get the lights to stick?


It was very simple. I used the metal "backstop" from some wire shelves. It's used to keep you from pushing stuff of the back end of the shelf. I was able to bend it to match the curve of the step then i just wound the lights around it. Since it's curved it even stands up on its own. I know metal is not a good idea but it's been so dry here the past 2 years i haven't had a problem. I am thinking about changing over to PVC or at least making some wooden feet it can rest on.





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It's displays like yours that made me with I really thought about my display before doing it. Love houses that have complete colour changes. 

Very amazing display, so many very awesome elements with all the right pieces in all the right places. Thanks for sharing!

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