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How to use LPF files in Pixel editor visualizer


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I am setting up my entire display in the pixel editor visualizer (preview design) including 64 channels of ac LOR control. I would like to use some props from the old visualizer to draw my icicle lights, fire stick, and other items. Is there any way to do this or do I have to create a totally different set of props for PE?

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In versions 4.1.2 and prior, you could only import a Visualizer .LEE file into a new preview. New to the 4.2 beta released today is the ability to import an .LEE file into an existing preview -- in preview design, select Prop > Import from Visualizer from the menu. So you could import those LPF or LFF files into the Visualizer, save that to a .LEE file, then import that .LEE file into your Pixel Editor preview. 


I actually have LPF and LFF import working in the Pixel Editor, but those elements usually come in as "bulb" shapes in the Pixel Editor and PE does not yet have the ability to resize bulb shapes -- making the imported props useless. Once bulb shape resizing is added, LPF and LFF import will be added too. Date tbd.


On a related topic, new in version 4.2 is the ability to import and export props from the Pixel Editor. This makes it possible to share PE props, either by email or attached to posts here on the forums. Within preview design, select Prop > Export and Prop > Import from the menu. The file extension is ".LPEPROP".



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