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LOR 1602W f/s

Mr Grunts

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Up for sale is a LOR 1602w add-on, 16ch 30amp controller,

    I am looking to get 225.00 + shipping ( lower 48 only ) with the shipping carrier of your choice. Controller will be shipped after cleared payment via paypal, shipped from 43615.

PM me if interested. I have had this controller for 2 seasons now with no problems, Always use LED lights so the strain was always minimal on this unit.


Pictures are of the actual unit for sale.








Dennis Smith


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Not a bad price, but out of my reach for the time being.


Although there is one thing I find very interesting about this unit{commercial/LOR1602W} compared to the "Residential" CTB16PC units is, although they are almost the same unit, that the outside box has been labeled with a  "DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE" on the front of the LOR1602W box, and although the CTB16PC uses the SAME INPUT VOLTAGE, it has no such warning on the front.


So how come there is not a  "DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE" warning on the "Residential" unit boxes?   After all, they are just as, if not more visible to folks that may visit a residential display, especially if it's one they can walk through!    Like my Halloween and Christmas display are!   So wouldn't it be prudent that these boxes also be labeled like that too to hopefully keep folks from touching them?  Or is it because the LOR1602W is in a metal box vs. plastic for the CTB16PC, so that danger either isn't as present or unlikely to happen with the plastic boxes?


Just curious to know why one gets the warning  and the other doesn't.

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Prices too high IMO. Have found used ones for $160. Most folks are going RGB so these things aren't holding there value like they use to.

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I know what you mean caniac, I see used CTB16PC's going for $90-$125 now, when I sold one of mine last year, $150 was a good price, but a lot of folks are getting away from these and going to low voltage 12VDC or less RGB or Pixel lighting.    So now the ~AC~ Controllers prices are starting to dwindle down for used ones.   If this trend keeps up, LOR might have to start dropping the prices on brand new ones to get them out the door, or there could be a possibility they sit on a shelf collecting dust!      Probably not going to happen anytime soon, so wouldn't hold my breath for a price reduction just yet, but I'd guess over the next few years, the CTB16PC's and LOR1602W's aren't going to be as popular as they were and still are as of this posting.


Time will tell and we'll see.    Could be we may even see them phased out within the next 5-6 years, depending on how the RGB/Pixel pricing goes along.


Me, I have some things that will always need a CTB16PC, so for those, I'll always have one around.  But sure will be interesting to see if these going used start dropping into the $50-$75 or even less price range over the next few years.  You just never know.

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