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CCRs Not Playing in Preview


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My problem is that my CCRs to not show in the preview when I play a file in PE.


I imported, from the visualizer, the CCRs, as well all other LOR and DMX props into the preview designer when I first started the migration to PE. Everything displays properly except the CCRs. They do not show up at all. They do display properly, in the visualizer when played from SE. The sequencing for the CCRs is still in the sequence file, not in PE. I have added and migrated PE props for all of the DMX RGB stuff (such as the mega tree). It all works great.


Can anyone tell me why that CCRs will not display in Preview?


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S4 beta versions had a bug in the Visualizer import to PE that caused CCRs to be assigned the wrong unit id. This was corrected in version 4.1.0. Have you opened the Prop Definition window for the CCRs to make sure the network, unit, and circuit numbers are correct (match what is in SE)?



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