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loaded 4.1.2


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I just loaded 4.1.2  The blue bulb in the bottom now shows a different screen


It is a black DOS screen C:\Program files (x86)\Light-O-Rama\LORCommListener.exe


I do not remember seeing this screen with 3.11


Also the status screen with the red bulb adds another blue bulb at the bottom


Inside the status screen it says


Comm Listener Error3: Comm Winsock Error/10053 Connection is abort due to timeout or other failure.



I tried to do a repair of the previous install of 4.1.1, but same issues appear.  During the first install it had me do a restart due to something running. Not sure what.


When I installed 4.1.1 during the install it said something to the effect that MC-P is turned off and is not used anymore, however if I need to turn it on to so something?????

I have attached a PDF with the two error screens


What should I do now?


If you tell me to uninstall LOR will I loose al of my sequences and audio








LOR Error screens.pdf

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This is the Comm Listener, which needs to be running for DMX. Most likely, the error you're getting is because, there are not any DMX Universes set up in the "Network section", but this is purely a guess, as I don't know what your set-up is like.


I'm not sure how you would turn it off if you're not using DMX, that would be a Dev question. 


Oh, and no, you will not lose the sequences. Those are in a totally different folder. I would however, urge you to back them up, always. I almost lost 6 months of work, 2 years ago. Now I keep all of my sequences on several types of media including cloud storage, DVD and thumb drives. You never can be too careful.

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This is fine; nothing to worry about.  Just leave the DOS-like window running - i.e. don't "X" it closed or do a Ctrl-C on it or anything like that.  You can leave it minimized if you want.


Like Ron Boyd said, the DOS-like window is the LOR Comm Listener.  It was in S3, but you may have never seen it before, because in S4 is needed for more situations than it had been needed for in S3.  So, on some computers, S4 will automatically start it up even though S3 hadn't.


The "10053" messages in the status window are also fine, unless they keep recurring over and over.  As long as they stop happening, they're just a temporary thing.  Basically, the status window is saying it's trying to connect to the Comm Listener, and it got some sort of error doing so.  But it will automatically retry.  And as long as it gets that "Connected to Comm Listener" message, and stays on it, it's nothing to worry about - just a temporary glitch at startup, or something like that.

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