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Problem with Packed Element

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In this screen capture, I'm having trouble getting these 3 lines to load properly. I need the 20 pixel line to be 5 positions lower and the 5 pixel line to move left 1 position over the other. The pixels are in the correct position with the exception of the column. Since I'm using a single controller for all 3 of these elements instead of 6 controllers, the elements need to be a fully packed universe.


I guess I could go back to the visualizer I sent you the other day for sequencing purposes and then just fully pack the channel config.


Any ideas on how to make this work?





Forgot to mention, I went in to the samples folder and saw how you did the DMX Packed trees. In the comments section, I tried the string "superstar matrixLength=50" and changed the 50 to 25. It swapped the columns, 5 pixel line, left and 20 pixel line, right. No other changes. I then changed it to exactly your comment string, using 50, and it was the same as the 25.


The only difference I have from your tree, is I am trying to set the positions in the Superstar Button. I'll try to take those settings out and see if it does anything.


The whole reasoning for needing to use packed universes, is so I can utilize the "Intensity Data File". The pixels trees are not a problem. They've been setup since the first beta came out earlier this year.


Here's what I'm trying to accomplish.



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